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Cathy Mayfield Featured on WCTV’s “In The Spotlight”

We are so glad we got to talk with Art Meyers on WCTV’s In The Spotlight and speak about this year’s Run For Lawson benefit run! View the full interview here.










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411 Teen Speaks with Cathy Mayfield About Bacterial Meningitis and Run For Lawson

“It was such a life altering event that we just really wanted other people – other families, other teens, young adults and other parents – to benefit from our tragedy so that maybe we could help someone else and maybe we could keep that from happening to someone else’s family.” – Cathy Mayfield

Cathy Mayfield spoke with Dr. Liz Holifield on 411 Teen and Dr. Tameka Funny from the Southeastern Center for Infectious Disease about methods to prevent bacterial meningitis contraction and the upcoming Run For Lawson.

“It happens very quickly,” said Dr. Tameka Funny about bacterial meningitis. “The symptoms come on very quickly. They sometimes only have symptoms for hours before they become very, very ill.”

Still not vaccinated? “Leon County Health Department offers the meningococcal {meningitis} vaccine free to anyone 18 years or younger,” reminds Cathy. “They will give anyone a booster [and] the regular vaccination, and it’s free to anyone who is 18 years or younger.”

411 Teen is a locally produced Tallahassee program created with teen input for a teenage audience. Guests provide insights into topics that concern adolescents and enlightened young people with programs focused on eating disorders, health topics and dating, to name a few.

Listen to the full interview here.


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Run For Lawson Attracts Two World-Class Marathon Runners

We are honored to announce that Run For Lawson will have two accomplished 10k participants joining us on the pristine course of Holy Comforter Episcopal School and Welaunee Plantation this Saturday!

Andrea Duffy and Julie Miller have qualified for the prestigious Boston and New York Marathons, respectively. Aside from Run For Lawson, Julie is preparing for a run with the Women’s Sports Foundation team on November 3rd in New York City. Meanwhile, Andrea is currently training to run for the American Liver Foundation this coming April in Boston.

Both women have special, personal ties to Lawson and we could not be more excited to have them running alongside us this weekend. We can’t wait to see how their race times will compare with last year’s winners:

2012 Overall 5k Race Results

First Place: Gary Droze {18:28.5}

Second Place: Duane Evans {20:36.6}

Third Place: Bryce Cole {20:53.4}


2012 Overall 10k Race Results

First Place: Tony Guillen {39:31.8}

Second Place: Geb Kiros {41:36.1}

Third Place: Paul Guyas {41:48.1}


We hope you have been warming up and training, Tallahassee – this competition looks fierce! See you at #RFL2013 on Saturday!

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Cathy Mayfield Returns to ABC News at Sunrise

It was wonderful to sit back down with Abbey Mauer on ABC-WTXL News at Sunrise and speak about this year’s Run For Lawson benefit run! View the full interview here.





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Run For Lawson Teams Up With Leon County Schools

The countdown to Run for Lawson has begun! Less than two weeks until Tallahassee runners of every age dust off their sneakers for our third annual benefit run on Sept. 28 at 8 a.m. Participants will enjoy a winding, cross-country course that spans across Holy Comforter Episcopal School and the stunning Welaunee Plantation grounds.

Similar to previous years, proceeds raised will benefit the National Meningitis Association and contribute to raising local awareness about bacterial meningitis prevention. But this year’s race has a new twist – in an effort to bring attention to the need for meningitis booster vaccinations between the ages of 16 and 21, and with support and direction from Leon County School Board Superintendent Jackie Pons and Divisional Director of Professional Standards Dr. T. Alan Cox, The Lawson Mayfield Memorial Foundation is teaming up with Leon County Schools to increase awareness and education about meningitis prevention. In addition to distributing promotional and educational materials, the foundation will be awarding cash prizes to the top three schools with the highest attendance at Run For Lawson.

So what are you waiting for? If you love running, supporting great causes and can’t wait to win cash prizes for your school, register as a runner today!

Athletics not your thing? Register to volunteer at the third annual Run for Lawson.

Won’t be in Tallahassee for the race but still want to contribute? Click here to learn more about sponsorship opportunities!

We’ll see you on the 28th!

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